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PCSing and finding off base housing in DC and finding information about where to live can be a daunting task. Every military family knows they must do their research to find the good vs. bad areas to live. When searching for military homes, you have to look beyond the nice kitchen and big backyard, instead you need to know if it’s in a safe neighborhood or a good school district. Other military families have successfully moved to the DC area and are sharing their advice. Below are links to articles about the DC area. Step 1:Read advice about off base housing in DC Things to know before moving... read more

PCSing to the DC area can be very difficult because there are so many options. Hopefully I can help you narrow down your search and identify common cities surrounding DC area . Also, read other articles about the DC area . There are a few confusing areas that have the same zip codes, but are in different counties and are aligned to different school districts. Falls Church vs City of Falls Church is an example. Another example is Alexandria vs City of Alexandria . Falls Church vs City of Falls Church vs West Falls Church City of Falls Church - The City of Falls Church is not part of Fairfax Co... read more

Moving to the DC area can be very confusing, especially when certain cities are covered by two different counties. The City of Alexandria is in a different county than the rest of Alexandria . Below is a description of how Alexandria and the City of Alexandria are different. Alexandria vs City of Alexandria The City of Alexandria has great walkability to shops ( Old Town ), but it’s more crowded and expensive. This area is north of the 495 Beltway and is run byAlexandria City Public schools which has some high rated schools, as well as, low rated ones. The part of Alexandria (located outside ... read more

Top "Off Base" Neighborhoods (See all 68 locations)

# Name/Title City State Zip Overall Rating Distance Review
1 Beverly Hills Alexandria VA 22305 2.4 mi Write a Review!
2 Leeway Overlee - N Arlington Arlington VA 22205 4.7 mi Write a Review!
3 Alexandria VA 5.4 mi Write a Review!
4 Cameron Station Alexandria VA 22304 5.8 mi Write a Review!
5 Falls Church City Falls Church VA 22046 6.2 mi Write a Review!
6 Huntley Alexandria VA 22306 8 mi Write a Review!
7 Grove at Huntley Meadow Alexandria VA 22306 8.3 mi Write a Review!
8 Shreevewood Falls Church VA 22043 8.6 mi Write a Review!
9 Greenwood Springfield VA 22150 8.7 mi Write a Review!
10 North Springfield Springfield VA 22151 9 mi Write a Review!