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1896 Laser Road, Suite 120
Virginia Beach, VA 23460

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Hampton Roads is home of the largest Navy Base and has over 16 bases surrounding the area. Below is a list of the Hampton Roads Military Bases along with a map. If you are PCSing to the area, it's very important to research the area ahead of time and figure out the best place to live. Things to take into consideration are commute time, tunnel system , type of home or neighborhood, school system, and proximity to the beach or bay. Military Town Advisor has over 100neighborhood and area reviewsfor the surrounding area. When searching for military homes for sale or rent , read the reviews to get... read more

Every school has its pros and cons and students, especially military kids, thrive in different environments. The key is to find an environment that fits your child’s needs, but how do you do this when you are stationed miles away and you have to research online? Stationed at NAS Oceana or Norfolk Naval Station If you are stationed at NAS Oceana, I think you should consider sending your child to a Virginia Beach school rather than living farther away in Chesapeake or Norfolk. If you are stationed at Norfolk Naval Base, you have much more options due to its more central location. Many military ... read more

You have received new orders to Naval Air Station Norfolk or one of the surrounding bases in Hampton Roads , now you must begin your house hunting research. The first thing to take into consideration is the tunnel system in Hampton Roads which will determine your spouses commute time. The second thing to do is start asking other military spouses about their experiences in Hampton Roads. Below are articled written by other military spouses about off base housing in Norfolk and surrounding areas. Find where to live in the Hampton Roads area. Hampton Roads consists of 7 cities including Norfolk,... read more

Top "Off Base" Neighborhoods (See all 90 locations)

# Name/Title City State Zip Overall Rating Distance Review
1 Bernard Farms Virginia Beach VA 23453 3.1 mi Write a Review!
2 Princess Anne Woods Virginia Beach VA 23456 3.2 mi Write a Review!
3 Croatan Virginia Beach VA 23451 3.4 mi Write a Review!
4 Red Mill Farm Virginia Beach VA 23456 4.1 mi Write a Review!
5 Brighton on the Bay Virginia Beach VA 23454 4.4 mi Write a Review!
6 Sherwood Lakes Virginia Beach VA 23456 4.5 mi Write a Review!
7 LagoMar Virginia Beach VA 23456 4.6 mi Write a Review!
8 Virginia Beach VA 4.7 mi Write a Review!
9 North End Virginia Beach VA 23451 5 mi Write a Review!
10 Thalia Virginia Beach VA 23452 5.3 mi Write a Review!