3 Ways to Advertise with Us

Military Town Advisor targets military families across the entire United States. Approximately 450,000 military members and their families move every year, and Military Town Advisor is there to aid them in their PCS research and relocation needs. When advertising with Military Town Advisor, you can reach all branches of service in one location which is difficult to do and can be expensive. Military Town Advisor can help you market to thousands of relocating service members.

1. Real Estate Professional Ads

If you are a real estate agent, broker, lender, title company, closing company or any other real estate professional, this is the place to advertise. We offer targeted ad placement to enhance your business’s exposure throughout the military community. This ensures the right military families are seeing your advertisement and the right military families are contacting you for help.

What are REALTORS saying about the site?

"I received my first lead from Military Town Advisor last week from a military family relocating from Dubai.
It started as a rental, but looks like they changed their mind and are going to buy...woohoo!  I also had a
call this summer from another mil family that bought a house with me. Even 1 transaction more than pays
for my advertising on MTA, so I'm happy to continue supporting your site!"

"Just sold my first home to a client who found me on your site!!!!! They are buying site unseen from Japan!
It took a lot of trust! Thanks!"

"I've received a few calls and referrals from your site- love it and thank you!" Emery, REALTOR

Pricing and An Example of a Real Estate Agent Ad:

How do I sign up for Real Estate Professional ads?

Register for our directory and once you create a profile, you will see a tab for advertising. It’s all automated from there through pay pal. It’s very easy!

2. Local Business Ads

If you own a local business or you are a national chain and want to target a certain military town, this is the place to advertise. Our targeted business ads allow you to pick which military town you would like target and primarily focus your advertising efforts in that town.

Pricing and An Example of a Business Ad:

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How do I sign up for Business ads?

Submit a listing and once approved, an account will be created for you and you can log in and place your ad. Once inside, it’s all automated through pay pal. It’s very easy!

3. National Ads

Target your advertising to the entire military population. This site focuses on every stage of the PCS process from researching where to live, house hunting, and finding things to do once they are settled in their new town. These ads would be great for financial institutions, car dealerships, brokerages, insurance, national service organizations and many more.

Example of a National Banner Ad:

How do I sign up to be a National Advertiser?
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