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Clear Air Force Station Housing and Information:


Clear Air Force Station is located in central Alaska, approximately 1 mile from Anderson, 78 miles from Fairbanks and 100 miles from Mount McKinley. Located along a now defunct railroad line, the base sits in a large clearing, void of any large landmarks that could potentially cause interference. This allows the base systems to maintain clear reception of all systems and detect incoming singles in all directions. The location of the base serves a political purpose as well as defensive, being the one of the closest US installations to Russian air space.

Clear Air Force Station is one of the most strategically important installations in the United States. The location of the base places it in an invaluable position for defensive monitoring of the west coast and Untied States as a whole. The station is one of the first in a series of early detection installations that monitor for enemy ballistic missile and intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile (ICBM) launch. In addition to playing a vital defensive role, the base also plays a role in Untied States space operations, with cutting edge radar and satellite capabilities.


Housing at Clear Air Force Station depends on a number of variables. Base housing is extremely limited and is therefore subject to the ebb and flow of active duty personnel on site. For active duty Air Force personnel with orders to the base, advance paperwork is required. The minimum processing time is 30 days, with good odds of initial rejection due to housing capacity. Wait times of one year are not uncommon when applying for on base housing at Clear Air Force Station.

Base Location

Clear AFS, Clear Hwy
Anderson, AK 99704