Mountain Home AFB - On and Off Base Information

Mountain Home AFB Housing Information

Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB) Housing and Information:

Location:  Located on a high-desert plateau between two large mountain ranges, Mountain Home AFB is situated about 50 miles southeast of Boise, and 90 miles northwest of Twin Falls, Idaho. Mountain Home Air Force Base is situated approximately 3,000 feet above sea level. Mountain Home Air Force Base is home to the 366th Fighter Wing, the "Gunfighters."  

Cost of Living: Compared to the rest of the country, Mountain Home Metro Area's cost of living is 8.7% lower than the U.S. average.

Schools:  One elementary school on base is run by the Mountain Home School District and is not a DODDS school. The Mountain Home School District is quite small. There are 3 elementary schools (K-4) in town and 1 Primary school (K-4) on base, 1 middle school (5-7) in town, 1 junior high school (8 and 9) in town and 1 high school (10-12) in town.

Housing: Our privatized housing consists of 621 Junior NCO units that vary between 76 - 4 bedrooms, 277 - 3 bedrooms, and 268 - 2 bedrooms; 76 Senior NCO units that vary between 27 - 4 bedrooms, and 49 - 3 bedrooms; 85 Company Grade units that vary between 25 - 4 bedrooms, and 60 - 3 bedrooms; 62 Field Grade units that vary between 26 - 4 bedrooms, and 36 - 3 bedrooms. 

Base Location

575 Gunfighter Ave
Mountain Home AFB,, ID 83648