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Hanscom AFB Housing Information

Hanscom Air Force Base (AFB) Housing and Information:

Location:  Hanscom AFB is in Middlesex County, MA, and touches the towns of Bedford, Concord, Lincoln and Lexington - the birthplace of America. Hanscom is approximately 20 miles northwest of Boston, MA; 25 miles south of Nashua, New Hampshire; and 85 miles from Portland, Maine. Hanscom's homepage.

Cost of Living:  This is one of the top three most expensive areas in the country for cost of living. Plan for high-cost outlay when you first get here for deposits. Utilities, housing, car insurance and other associated living costs may be higher than you are used to. Some report that Boston is twice the national average.

Base Operator:  Hanscom has no base operator. Please use the Information & Referral number at the A&FRC to find base agency listings.

Schools:  There are two schools located on Hanscom AFB for children residing in base housing; Hanscom Primary School and Hanscom Middle School. Hanscom Primary and Middle Schools are part of the Lincoln, MA public school system. Students in grades 9-12 are transported to Bedford High School, which is part of the Bedford Public School District. For information on surrounding school districts, private school options, special needs resources, home schooling information and more, visit the Hanscom School Liaison website.

You can find out information on all of the area schools on the Massachusetts' Department of Education website

HousingHanscom Housing is privatized and DoD Civilians are eligible to apply. Check for ongoing rent specials by contacting the Privatized Housing Office at The Landings. Check in with the housing office 781-225-5640 for details. 

The Housing Management Office manages the enlisted dorms. There is no Dining Facility at Hanscom AFB; so kitchen facilities are available for single airmen. Dorm rooms are single rooms with a shared bath. Airmen E-1-E-4 must live in the dorms unless permission is secured from their First Sergeant or Commander.

Off base rental and purchase options are limited and very expensive. It takes time to find housing in the Bedford and surrounding suburbs.

Base Location

20 Kirtland St, Bldg 1218
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731