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Sierra Army Depot Housing and Information:

Sierra Army Depot (SIAD) is a United States Army post and military equipment storage facility located near the unincorporated community of Herlong, California. It was built in 1942. The site also met the requirement that the depot be in a dry and isolated area.

Sierra Army Depot is home to the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, the Soldier Biological Chemical Command, and the Operations Support Command. The depot sits at the highest elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at a height of over 4,000 feet. The high desert area provides the perfect conditions for the storage of Operational Project Stock for extended periods of time. Sierra Army Depot is primarily responsible for the storage, renovation, and remilitarization of the depleted uranium rounds and has the largest open burn detonation capacity in the United States. The depot is located near Herlong, California.

Base Location

Sierra Army Depot
Herlong, CA 96113