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Fort Bragg (Ft.) Housing and Information:

Location: Home of the 82nd Airborne. Fort Bragg is located just west of Fayetteville, North Carolina and is the largest U.S. Army base by population. Fayetteville is a "Community of History, Heroes, and a Hometown Feeling." 

Cost of Living:  Fayetteville Metro Area's cost of living is 15.93% lower than the U.S. average.

Base Operator: 910-396-0011, or DSN 312-236-0011

Area Population: Fayetteville Metro Area: 348,940

Schools: Operated by DoDDs, the Fort Bragg school district is made up of seven elementary schools (grades pre-K-4), one elementary school (grades pre-K-5), an intermediate school (grades 5 and 6) and a junior high school (grades 7-9).

Ninth-grade students living on post have an option of attending the junior high school on post or attending Cumberland County Schools. Students in grades 10-12 attend Cumberland County Schools. Current enrollment for the Fort Bragg schools district is about 4,400 students.

Housing: On-post family housing managed by Picerne Military Housing. 2-4 bedroom homes, in 10 neighborhoods. Available for all ranks. Estimated wait times are updated bi-weekly and are posted online. Call 910-495-0878.

Base Location

Armistead and Macomb St
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Blog Posts

By Dawn M. Smith There’s no way anyone in the military can escape at least some sort of knowledge or interaction with Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The installation is enormous and houses tens of thousands of service members and civilians. Its military missions reach out far and wide, affecting not only domestic strategies, but global endeavors as well. That’s all very impressive, but what is it really like to live, work, and play in and around Fort Bragg? Fort Bragg It is well known and significant part of the Fort Bragg’s long history that Fort Bragg is home of the Airborne and Special Operat... read more

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