McAlester Ammunition Plant - On and Off Base Information

McAlester Ammunition Plant Housing Information

McAlester Ammunition Plant Housing and Information:

Location: McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is located in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma few miles outside of McAlester. Located 85 miles south of Tulsa and 120 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. McAlester is within easy driving distance to major metropolitan areas. 

Cost of Living:  McAlester's cost of living is 27.85%. Lower than the U.S. average.

Base Operator: 918-420-7200 or DSN 312-956-7200

Area Population:  McAlester Metro Area: 44,711

Schools:  McAlester Army Ammunition Plant does not have a school on the installation. All nearby public schools are located in Pittsburg County. MCAAP housing is in the Savanna School District and Savanna's school does provide transportation to their school. Persons living on the installation may use other McAlester area schools but no transportation is provided unless child attends the Child and Youth Services (CYS) program.

Army Community Service:  ACS 918-420-6523

Housing: McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP) has limited number of housing units on the Installation. If there is excess military housing available, it is rented to DOD civilian employees under Fair Market Value Rates. For more information on housing, contact the Housing Manager at 918-420-6480.

Base Location

1 C Tree Rd
McAlester, OK 74501