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Location: Carlisle Barracks is located in Cumberland County in South Central Pennsylvania, about 20 miles from Harrisburg. Carlisle Barracks houses the U.S. Army War College, Army Physical Fitness Research Institute, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, Army Heritage and Education Center, Strategic Studies Institute and Center for Strategic Leadership. It is the nation's second oldest active military base. 

Cost of Living: Lower than the average for all major U.S. cities. Harrisburg-Carlisle Metro Area, PA cost of living is 94.10.

Base Operator:
 The base operator's phone number is 717-245-3131 or DSN 312-242-3131.

Area Population:  Harrisburg-Carlisle Metro Area's population is 528,892.

Child Development Centers:  Moore Child Development Center, provides child care programs for children from six weeks through five years of age. Full day, hourly care, part-day Preschool program available. Family Child Care is a professionally managed network of individuals providing child care in their government quarters. Phone: 717-245-3801.

Schools: None on post. There are five school districts located within 12 miles of the Carlisle Barracks/US Army War College. The Carlisle Area School District (CASD) is the school district that serves the students living on Post and in the areas located closest to the Army War College. There are seven elementary schools (three serve the Post), two middle schools, and one high school in the CASD. 

Housing: Carlisle Barracks has privatized government housing for a total of 271 families. Quarters range in style from multi-unit apartment complexes to single-unit homes. Call 717-245-4017 or 717-258-8900.

Base Location

Carlisle Barracks
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013

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