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Fort Indiantown Gap has been a key installation for the Army and the Pennsylvania Guard for more than 80 years.

The name “Indiantown Gap” was fashioned from the Native American presence and geography. “Indiantown” is derived from the many Native American villages that existed in the vicinity of the installation and “Gap” results from the separation in the Blue Mountains that was used as a shortcut to Shamokin. Stagecoaches served the early settlers in this region, who worked hard to make a living coexisting with the native people.

Now known as a National Guard Training Site, Fort Indiantown Gap has had many enhancements to ensure its long-term viability. Today, Fort Indiantown Gap serves as headquarters for the Pennsylvania National Guard and continues its role as a major reserve component training post and the second largest employer in Lebanon County. Major facilities include the Muir Army Airfield, Eastern Army National Guard Aviation Training Site, a state-of-the-art helicopter training center, an educational complex for combat arms training through the 166th Regiment, the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, and numerous firing ranges and maneuver areas, making it a mission-essential facility for training America’s “Total Force.”

Fort Indiantown Gap (FTIG) is located in historic Pennsylvania Dutch country in central Pennsylvania. The installation is situated on the borders of Lebanon County, a largely rural county, and Dauphin County, the seat of the state capital of Harrisburg 22 miles away. Several towns are within 5 miles of FTIG, along with national chain shopping centers and restaurants. The city of Lebanon, 14 miles away, serves as the county seat. Strategically located along the northeast corridor, FTIG is approximately 150 miles from Washington, D.C., and New York City and 100 miles from Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Base Location

Fort Indiantown Gap, BLDG 0-47
Fort Indiantown Gap, PA 17003

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