Red River Army Depot - On and Off Base Information

Red River Army Depot Housing Information

Red River Army Depot Housing Information

Location:  Red River Army Depot is located in an area commonly known as the Four States Area. The Depot is situated in Northeast Texas, Bowie County, approximately 18 miles west of Texarkana. The depot's maintenance mission includes the repair, rebuild, overhaul and conversion of tactical wheeled vehicles, as well as the Army's light tracked combat vehicle fleet. Red River Army Depot homepage.

Cost of Living: Lower than the average for all major U.S. cities.

Base Operator: 903-334-2141, DSN 312-829-2141

Area Population: The City of Texarkana is located both in Texas and Arkansas. The population for the entire city, including both states, is approximately around 135,000. The local Chamber of Commerce has a webpage that is very beneficial to newcomers.

Schools:  There are no DoD Schools on Red River Army Depot. There are four school districts within Texarkana; including Texarkana TX, Texarkana AR, Liberty-Eylau, and Pleasant Grove.

Red River Army Depot Housing: On-Post housing is not available at Red River Army Depot. The ACS office maintains a list of apartment complexes in surrounding communities. The availability of property for sale is abundant and varies in price range depending upon the area. 

Base Location

100 Main Street
Texarkana, TX 75503