Coast Guard New Haven - On and Off Base Information

Coast Guard New Haven Housing Information

Coast Guard New Haven (CG) Housing and Information:

Location: Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound headquarters is located at Coast Guard Station New Haven, on the eastern side of New Haven Harbor, CT, next to the city of Brightview and just northwest of Tweed-New Haven Airport in Connecticut.

Annually the New Haven Coast Guard Station carries out about 150-200 search and rescue operations along with 200-300 boardings and searches of vessels. As well as these active services, Station New Haven gives hourly weather reports for all seafarers in their area. If required the Sound has at its disposal 500 active service members, 200 reservists and 1200 auxiliaries to call upon.

Coast Guard Long Island Housing: Northern Heights, North Guilford Housing Project  The Guilford housing construction is progressing. Contact the housing officer at Sector Long Island Sound for more information. (203) 468-4520

Base Location

120 Woodward Avenue
New Haven, CT 06512