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Coast Guard Saint Louis Housing Information

Coast Guard Saint Louis (CG) Housing and Information:

Location: Coast Guard Base Detachment Saint Louis is part of Sector Upper Mississippi River. 

Coast Guard Saint Louis Housing: Military housing is not available at the Coast Guard Saint Louis facilities.  Please see House Hunting information below for housing in the local community.

DoD Privatized Housing is military housing that is owned/managed by private contractors. If you choose these quarters, you will continue to receive BAH in your paycheck, sign a lease and pay the contractor by allotment. The contractor will charge each member the exact amount of their BAH entitlement for monthly rent and utilities. There may be other factors, restrictions, and waiting list independent to each contractor, so you must contact them directly for all information and applications.

Base Location

1222 Spruce Street
St Louis, MO 63103

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1 Windsor Estates Belleville IL 62221 14.5 mi Write a Review!
2 Belleville Belleville IL 62220 15.2 mi Write a Review!