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Coast Guard Bellingham Housing Information

Coast Guard Bellingham (CG) Housing and Information:

Location: Coast Guard Station Bellingham is located at the northwestern tip of Washington State, in Bellingham, WA right on Bellingham Bay. 

Coast Guard Station Bellingham Housing: Military housing is not available at Coast Guard Station Bellingham, however, there are off-base housing options in the local community.

District 13 is a United States Coast Guard district based at the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, in Seattle, Washington. The area is unique in that it deals with varying climatic changes due to the Alaskan winds that blow south and the Columbia River.

Base Location

28 Bellwether Way
Bellingham, WA 98225

Top "Off Base" Neighborhoods

# Name/Title City State Zip Overall Rating Distance Review
1 Skyline Anacortes WA 17.6 mi Write a Review!