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Meridian NAS Housing Information

Meridian Naval Air Station (NAS) Housing and Information:

Location: Naval Air Station, Meridian Mississippi is approximately 15 miles northeast of the city of Meridian, in Lauderdale County, between State Highways 39 and 45. Meridian's location offers easy access to several large, metropolitan areas (including New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, and the Gulf Coast). The mission is to train the warfighter. 

Cost of Living: 23.48% Lower than the U.S. National Average

Base Operator: 601-679-2211, or DSN 312-637-2211

Area Population:  64,180 Meridian MS

Schools: The Meridian area has 2 public school systems:

Residence of student determines the specific school to be attended. Students who live on-base will attend the Northeast Lauderdale Schools.

Fleet and Family Support Center: FFSC 601-679-2360 DSN 312-637-2360

Housing: NAS Meridian housing has recently been through a major renovation. Though waiting lists will likely continue to be a factor, waiting times are expected to improve as a result of the renovation completion. An applicant's control date on the waiting list is determined by the date of the detachment from their last PCS duty station prior to reporting to this area. In order to keep this date, you must apply no later than 30 days after you have reported to your new command. Call the Navy Family Housing Office, at 601-679-2520, for availability.

Base Location

405 Rosenbaum Ave
Meridian NAS, MS 39309

Top "Off Base" Neighborhoods

# Name/Title City State Zip Overall Rating Distance Review
1 Ole Cobblestone Dr Meridian MS 39305 6.4 mi Write a Review!
2 Eagle Pointe Meridian MS 8.3 mi Write a Review!
3 Broadmoor Poplar Springs Meridian MS 39305 10.7 mi Write a Review!