Incentive Program

We are excited to announce our Incentive Program for writing reviews. I understand that your time and knowledge is valuable so I’d like to reward you for writing reviews. The motto of this website is to Pay It Forward and help other military families. You are paying it forward by sharing your knowledge and advice with other military families, and we are paying it forward by rewarding you for your time!

This is how it works:

Write a review and earn points. Once you earn enough points, you earn an Amazon gift card. You can spend that gift card however you would like!

How to earn points:

How to earn Amazon gift cards:

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You must log in so your reviews are saved under your profile name. Your review must be between 50 and 500 words. Positive and negative reviews are welcome. Your review must be about your personal experience, not something you have heard from someone else. It must provide insight and value to a reader. You can not be affiliated to anyone or any business that may benefit from your review. Military Town Advisor has the right to discontinue this program at any time.

Example of a GOOD quality review that would earn points:

Neighborhood Review for Castleton.

Castleton is an amazing neighborhood! We loved that many kids played in the front yards and we could walk to the local elementary school. It was located close to nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and it has quick access to the highway. The local HOA is very strict and want all the yards kept nicely, but overall it’s a great place to live. The best part is that it is located close to base so my spouse had a short commute everyday.

Local Business Review for Jenna’s café:

Jenna’s café is a great hole in the wall located just outside Little Creek Base gates. It has Mediterranean dishes, along with American dishes. I loved the Gyro Platter and my husband loves their sandwiches. Their sandwiches taste like an upscale Schlotskies sandwich. It’s so good!

Things to do Review for The Aquarium:

The aquarium is a great outing to take your little kids. It’s has enough to see in about 2 hours which makes it a great outing before nap time. My kids love the sea turtles and the huge shark tank. I highly recommend the yearly membership. Anytime it rains, you can find us at the Aquarium!

Example of a POOR review that would NOT earn points:

Neighborhood review for Castleton:

Castleton is a good place to live.

Local Business Review for Jenna’s café:

Jenna’s café has good food and a great atmosphere.

Things to do Review for The Aquarium:

The aquarium has tons of fish to see.


Have fun and spread the word!

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*Note: We have the right to discontinue this program at any time.