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On the far side of the Elmo side of JBER, the TLF here isn't bad, especially considering you're probably doing a crate move in/out and might find yourself in TLF longer than average. Both times we stayed there, they had laundry facilities available (no charge at the time, but I can't attest to that now; they might charge now), and we never had to wait for a machine. You can tack a pet on to some rooms (you have to mention @booking, as it's only certain rooms) for a nominal per night fee...I think it was $10/night. We didn't have an issue booking a pet-friendly room, but if you wait till last minute, you might. At that point, you'd need to find boarding near base; there wasn't a facility on the base itself. Or you might be able to find a room over on Richardson. There is a shuttle system on the base if you need it if you've already shipped/are waiting for your POV. Base facilities include PX & Commissary (situated together), fitness center (with pool), DFAC (walkable from TLF unless it's, like, Jan/Feb).

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