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Air Force, Officer
20-30 years old
Previously lived in: Melbourne, FL. Pike Road, AL
Silver medal

This gym is geared toward women. They offer childcare included in the price. My child is 7 and I thought the childcare center looked geared toward babies more but he didn't have any issues with it. They have TV and he was able to bring his electronics with him there. The class sizes from my experienced ranged from 3 other women to like 13 other women and was fine either way. This is a class style workout. Everyone is encouraging and nice here which is awesome and surprisingly not what I found at other gyms nearby. Sometime they do partner workouts but don't feel discouraged, everyone is nice and they pair you up so you don't feel left out! The cost was reasonable at first with the promotions but then they ask you to commit to 6 months or more at a time ( I just have a commitment problem). They do offer military discounts and you can go as often as you want. They are open on Saturday mornings and offer classes as early as 5 am and as late as 6:30 pm during the week. They play music and the coaches offer options for injuries or preference for most workouts. There is no shame when you chose the easier method (its harder than it looks). They use weights, jump ropes, battle ropes, resistance bands and running in the parking lot for cardio days etc. The schedule for what to expect that day is usually listed on the FB if you care to psych yourself up. Overall, nice people and environment to motivate your return!

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