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Air Force
30-40 years old
Gold medal

When we stayed there, it was summer, so the proximity to the base pool was a plus! The front desk staff were helpful, especially with questions about the area and the metro stations. The rooms themselves were fine. You can add a pet to a room for a fee, as with most base TLFs. I can't remember what the fee was, but it was nominal. JBAB is pretty much all walkable. There's ample parking, but you don't need a car for on-base stuff. It's tiny, so you're talking 10 minutes from TLF to the Commissary on foot, laden with bags. The library is also located with the PX and Commissary, so everything's pretty centrally located. There's a running track around the soccer fields, and the fitness center is over by TLF, too. Laundry facilities were available, as well, and they were free when we stayed. The metro station is walkable (distance-wise), but I don't recommend actually walking in that area. No shuttle to the metro stations, but there's a parking garage at the metro station near JBAB. Down by the water, there's a walking track, which is lovely year-round. The housing on JBAB installed a dog park (fenced in area partitioned into big dogs and small dogs), but I think anyone can use it.

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