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Bugsy's Pizza Reviews

Air Force
30-40 years old
Gold medal

Great for a quick lunch, as they have a buffet going from, like, 1130-1430! It's salad and pizza, and there's real variety, unlike some pizza buffets where they put out the same tired flavors. They put out several kinds of pizza, including different crusts. They sometimes put out garlic bread, too. The salad bar is always fresh,and it doesn't look like it's been sitting there all day long. Always something for everyone, and the setting is great, too. Looks like a little hole in the wall from the street, but there's an upstairs and a downstairs, which makes it quite large. The staff is friendly, and they help get you in and out, whether you're getting the buffet or ordering off the menu.
Heard they're great at night, too, but we never went for the nightlife.

Kid-friendly, too, including chocolate milk on the beverage menu.

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