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Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center Reviews

Army, Officer

This is one of the worst establishments I have ever done business with since we PCS’d here to NOVA eleven months ago. As one other reviewer said- Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center are only after your money. This is not a family friendly center where families are their core priority. We had our son registered in their Soccer and Swim programs- which were both a misuse of our time and money. The Soccer instructor primarily had the kids age (3+) doing independent play, there wasn’t any structure, nor any real soccer curriculum being taught. Regarding the swim lessons for our daughter, the swim instructor was a new teacher each week and taught the same exercises each week (which involved singing around in a circle). Never did any of the teachers move on with some sort of age proper curriculum.

I had a very nice conversation with the General Manager after several weeks of observing these programs and addressed my concerns. Instead of keeping my account in freeze mode I wanted to terminate my membership with the center. He understood and agreed and credited us for the remaining weeks of both programs, and we thought all was well and done.

Well, starting February we started receiving monthly charges. However still living bi-costal, dealing with 2 kids in college, covid ripping through our intermediate and extended family and winter storms- we didn’t notice the charges until April. I called several times and emailed trying to reach someone. I didn’t receive any return messages nor replies to my emails. I finally drove there and spoke to Christy (in accounting) directly. She said she would investigate my situation.

During that wait time they actually charged us for another month (May) before closing our account out by June. Christy mentioned the GM (General Manager) did remember having a conversation with me about wanting to drop the soccer and swim programs, but he didn’t remember discussing discontinuing indefinitely (obviously selective memory). Therefore, they would not be able to credit us for the 4 months they charged us. I told her we couldn’t afford to pay for months of services we did not receive- that again we are a military family with 5 children, and that we are a one income household. Her heartless reply was “so are a lot of families in this area”. So essentially, my situation meant nothing to her. This is a ruthless, cold-hearted, inhumane person and center- that takes money from hard-working families and gives you nothing in return. Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center has zero integrity and loathsome customer service.

Please take your business elsewhere.

Marine Corps, Enlisted
30-40 years old
Previously lived in: New Bern, Okinawa Japan
Silver medal

Brand new facility located near Embry Mills neighborhood. Offering a full workout room, gymnasium, indoor recreation and lap pools, splashpad area for kids, snack bar, child care, group classes and much more. Affordable rates and hours that accommodate most schedules. Very clean and friendly staff.

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