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  • Address: 261 Garrisonville Rd #101, Stafford, VA 22554
  • Phone: (540) 720-1935
  • Military Discount: Yes
  • Services: Hibachi Grill, Suchi, Reular entrees

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Kobe Japanese Steak and Seafood House Reviews


I have eaten at the Stafford restaurant for years and always loved their veggie tempura, so today/Nov 13, 2023, I went there and ordered two servings of their tempura and chicken teppanyaki. The teppanyaki was good, fresh and delicious. The tempura was the absolute worst tempura I ever attempted to eat. It was NOT fresh. It was like chewing tasteless rubber, and both my wife and I threw it out. This experience was so bad I don't think I will ever return. I served in the Marine Corps for 30 years and fell in love with Asian food during two tours in Okinawa, and up until tonight, I had always loved their tempura. They also used to include two large shrimp in their tempura dishes, but they no longer include the shrimp. This is a restaurant rapidly going downhill.

Marine Corps, Enlisted
20-30 years old
Previously lived in: Stafford, Fort Lauderdale, Okinawa
Silver medal

The most authentic Japanese steakhouse I've been to since I've left Oki. Order the Filet Mignion or the Sesame Chicken (really, anything. My mouth is watering just thinking about their food.) Their sushi is delicious, but their golden goose is the fantastic staff who are attentive and kind, passionate hibachi grill cooks (they will try and make you catch chicken/shrimp, also, be warned about the "ketchup bottles," they always get me with those,) and above all their food. With each Hibachi entree there is soup and salad (with authentic ginger dressing) served, try both - you will not be disappointed!

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