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Tina Lombard

Tina Lombard

Independent Bank Mortgage

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About Tina Lombard

VA LOANS!!! - Air Force Child, and have been originating in VA loans, and have the experience of 27 years behind me. Whether you are a spouse, widowed, divorced, disabled, on a GI Bill,...had a VA loan before , or currently, please call!  I have lived in or near base housing in the Phillippines, Guam, California, Washington State, and Nebraska, and know all about  what Military life on and off the Base.

If you were ever turned down for a VA loan due to Income, Credit, Disability, BK, or Foreclosure...I have been known to find a way to get the loan through more often than others.

Again, I am a firm supporter of Military families. My Heroes program will allow for the appraisal to be paid for, and I work with realtors that give part of their commission back to the Vet.

Please contact me, (253) 332-5986

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