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Hector "Gary" Mendes

Hector "Gary" Mendes


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About Hector "Gary" Mendes

Extreme Realty Broker Profile.

Professional, Experienced, Full-Time Real Estate/Broker/Owner.

About Me: Hector "Gary" Mendes (Broker/Owner)

I am a family man and a devoted Real Estate Broker. I love helping families and individuals with one of the biggest purchases and or investments of their lives. With my knowledge, guidance and expertise, client's such as yourself, will have the tools necessary to make the best decisions when purchasing a home.

The name of my company, Extreme Realty, describes exactly what I do. I will go to the extremes to serve YOUR best interests, always. (Unlike most, I'm available to you 24/7 and all Holidays! ).

An Important Note:

In the State of Texas, Real Estate may only be transacted by a licensed Broker. Real Estate Agents, even though they have an agent license, cannot conduct or transact Real Estate by themselves. Licensed Real Estate Agents may only transact Real Estate under the license of a Real Estate Broker and on behalf of that Broker. Real Estate Agents are agents of the Broker. In other words, Agents work for Brokers. I am the Owner and Broker of Extreme Realty.

Important Information:

I take my fiduciary responsibilities to my clients very seriously. Therefore, I conduct my business directly over the phone, in person, via email within my website as to protect my clients privacy from the general public on both Facebook and or Twitter.

My Qualifications:

Licensed as a Broker by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Member of the San Antonio Board of Realtors.

Member of the Texas Association of Realtors.

Member of the National Association of Realtors.

Owner of Extreme Realty, Real Estate Company.

My Background:

Practicing Real Estate since 2002.

Real Estate Investments.

Banking and Finance.

Radio Personality and Advertising.

Owned and operated an Advertising and Marketing Company.

Owned and operated an Entertainment Company.


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