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Matthew Moffit

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About Matthew Moffit

“The Greatest Realtor who ever lived…”

Once in a lifetime, there’s a person who comes along that changes an industry forever. The person in this story is Matthew Moffit and the industry is real estate in Hampton Roads. Matt grew up in a Navy household, the son of an aviator and a navy spouse (the toughest job in the Navy) and while he wasn’t born in Hampton Roads, he has spent most of his adult life here and there is nowhere else he’d rather call home.

Whilst reaching the end of his Army career he needed a new and greater challenge, something more than protecting freedom and upholding the Constitution of the United States of America, which is how he found himself in the world of real estate. It was evident in the beginning, and supported by his acceptance of 2013 HRRA’s Outstanding Rookie of the Year, that Matt was destined for real estate greatness. He boasts the fastest VA closing in history, and he’s done it twice…5 days. That’s writing an offer to getting those keys folks, a record that will never be broken. Ever.

For almost ten years, Matt has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people pave a path to financial freedom and the guy just keeps winning for his clients. During listing appointments with potential sellers it’s been said that you can almost hear the Brinks truck backing into the driveway with all of the cash he is minutes away from making his soon to be clients. Buyers line up to see what superhuman real estate feat he will perform while guiding them through the process of purchasing their new home. The list of real life superheroes is short: Superman, Chuck Norris and Matthew Moffit and not necessarily in that order.

If you want to buy or sell your home, call a Realtor, if you want to freaking win, call Matt.


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