St. Mary Catholic School

Goldsboro, NC 27530


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private • Grades K-8 • 242 students

Goldsboro's St. Mary Catholic School is a private school. It serves 242 students in grades K-8.

St. Mary Catholic School is a private school in the school district located in Goldsboro, NC. The principal of St. Mary Catholic School is Lynn E. Magoon.

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District State
White, non-Hispanic 50.3%
Black, non-Hispanic 25.5%
Hispanic 14.3%
Multiracial 3.7%
Asian/Pacific Islander 2.7%
Native American or Native Alaskan 1.3%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.1%
# Name Type City State Overall Rating Distance
1 Mimosa Park West Neighborhood/Subdivision Goldsboro NC 2.3 mi
2 The Village Neighborhood/Subdivision Goldsboro NC 5.2 mi
3 Jacobs Ridge Neighborhood/Subdivision Goldsboro NC 5.7 mi
4 Winston Pointe Neighborhood/Subdivision Clayton NC 35.7 mi
5 Killis Hills Neighborhood/Subdivision Richlands NC 39.1 mi
6 Wildflowers Neighborhood/Subdivision Richlands NC 40.6 mi
7 Hedingham Neighborhood/Subdivision Raleigh NC 43.6 mi
8 Eagle Ridge Neighborhood/Subdivision Raleigh NC 44.2 mi
9 The Bluffs on The New River Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 46.9 mi
10 Timber Creek Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 47.2 mi
11 Stone Creek Subdivision Neighborhood/Subdivision Fayetteville NC 49.7 mi
# Name City State Overall Rating Distance
1 Goldsboro Goldsboro NC 1.9 mi
2 Princeton Princeton NC 12.1 mi
3 Richlands Area Beulaville NC 40.9 mi
4 Richlands Richlands NC 41.2 mi
Base Distance
Seymour Johnson AFB 2.6 mi.
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