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  • Address: 18500 S. Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952
  • Phone: 302-398-3269

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Air Force
30-40 years old
Bronze medal


The Delaware State Fair is a lot of fun. Quite honestly, I didn't expect much the first year I took my family, but it actually was a really great experience. The Fairgrounds are near the Casino and horse track which offers a lot of parking. Also, there are shuttles that are constantly picking people up and dropping them off. There is a large variety of vendors for food, crafts, and other items. The actual carnival side offers your "standard" rides and games, but are suitable for almost all ages. The past two years we've gone have offered helicopter rides for $20 per person. It's a quick ride, but a neat little experience. The more impressive part of the fair is the performers that play there. Big names such as Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias, and Rascal Flats have performed. There are also Demolition Derby, Monster Trucks, and other shows. This is a great event usually happening around the middle of July.

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