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Fort Pickett (Ft.) Housing and Information:

Location: Fort Pickett is located in the Lower Piedmont of southeastern Virginia, about 4 miles off VA State Rt. 460, in Blackstone, VA. Southwest of Fort Pickett lies the city of Victoria, and Chesterfield and Petersburg, VA are around 40 miles to the northeast.

Fort Pickett, is a Virginia Army National Guard installation, located near the town of Blackstone, Virginia. Home of the Army National Guard Maneuver Training Center, Fort Pickett is named for the United States Army officer and Confederate General George Pickett.

Fort Pickett is the headquarters and training facility for the Virginia Army Reserve and National Guard. However, multiple branches of the military are stationed or otherwise trained at Fort Picket. The facilities at Pickett are for training military personnel and units, there are also non-military organizations that use them as well. US Marshal’s service, ATF, Civil Air Patrol, Virginia State Police and FBI have offices at Fort Pickett.

A yearly exercise also takes place at Fort Picket for the 36 Canadian Brigade Group, which is located in Nova Scotioa and Prince Edward Island. Called the Exercise South Bound Trooper, it’s a joint exercise between the Canadian Forces Primary Reserves and Virginia National Guard that coincides with the NATO doctrine that stands between the two military groups.

Base Location

Building 472 Military Rd Ft Pickett, Blackstone, VA 23824
Fort Pickett, VA 23824