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Yuma Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Housing and Information:

Location: Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma is located in the southwest corner of Arizona bordering California and Mexico. Yuma is exactly 178 miles from San Diego, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Yuma Primary mission is to support aerial weapons training for the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Marine Forces and Navy, and to serve as a base of operations for Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron-1 and Third MAW units, including Marine Aircraft Group-13.  

Cost of Living: The cost of living is 93% of the average in the United States.

Base Operator: 928-269-2011.

Area Population: Yuma 93,064

Schools: All schools for elementary, middle, and high school are off-base. There are three School Districts (CraneYuma District OneYuma Union High School). Dependent children living on the installation will attend one of the schools located out in town. Contact the School Liaison at 928-269-5373, for additional information.

Youth Services: The MCAS Yuma Youth Center is affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Call Youth Center at 928-269-3659.

Marine and Family Services: Marine and Family Services, 928-269-5615 / 928-269-2425 / (DSN) 312-269-5615.

Housing: Family housing consists of 821 units. Of these, 747 are designated for enlisted personnel and 74 for officers. The Housing Office, 928-269-2826 / (DSN) 312-269-2826, updates a list of all rentals available in the local area. Housing in the local area can become scarce during Oct-Apr time frame. The Winter Visitors come to Yuma during this time and rental availability decreases. Median home price is $131,670. Median rent is $820.

Base Location

Building 1080, Martini Avenue
Yuma MCAS, AZ 85369

Top "Off Base" Neighborhoods

# Name/Title City State Zip Overall Rating Distance Review
1 Belleza Subdivision Yuma AZ 3.2 mi Write a Review!
2 Kerley Ranch Estates Yuma AZ 3.2 mi Write a Review!
3 Victoria Meadows Yuma AZ 85364 3.5 mi Write a Review!
4 Foothills Yuma AZ 6.7 mi Write a Review!
5 Ocotillo Heights Yuma AZ 85365 4.2 mi Write a Review!