Arthur W Edwards Elementary

Havelock, NC 28532

Phone: (252) 444-5140
Fax: (252) 444-5145
District: Craven County School District


GreatSchools Rating

public • Grades K-5 • 475 students

Arthur W Edwards Elementary, located in Havelock, North Carolina, is a public school that serves grades K-5 in the Craven County School District. It is among the few public elementary schools in North Carolina to receive a distinguished GreatSchools Rating of 8 out of 10.

Arthur W Edwards Elementary is a public school in the Craven County School District located in Havelock, NC. The principal of Arthur W Edwards Elementary is Mrs Kathleen Leffler. As of 2014, the students are 60.8% White, non-Hispanic; 16.8% Hispanic; 12.8% Black, non-Hispanic; 6.7% Multiracial; 1.5% Asian/Pacific Islander; 0.8% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; and 0.4% Native American or Native Alaskan. 48.2% of students are participating in a free or reduced-price lunch program.

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District State
White, non-Hispanic 60.8% 52.3% 50.3%
Hispanic 16.8% 8.8% 14.3%
Black, non-Hispanic 12.8% 29.4% 25.5%
Multiracial 6.7% 5.1% 3.7%
Asian/Pacific Islander 1.5% 3.9% 2.7%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.8% 0.2% 0.1%
Native American or Native Alaskan 0.4% 0.3% 1.3%

Student Subgroups

Subgroup School District State
Students participating in a free or reduced-price lunch program 48.2%
English learners 4%


My son (now 14) and my daughter (7) loved the school. Teachers really take the time to teach the kids, and understand their individual needs.

  • Recommendations: Tucker Creek Middle
  • What did you like? Friendly staff, catered to military families. Teachers are knowledgeable and they take the time to learn each child's needs.
  • What did you dislike? Nothing
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# Name Type City State Overall Rating Distance
1 Stonebridge Trail Area of Town Havelock NC 0.8 mi
2 MacDonald Downs Neighborhood/Subdivision Havelock NC 1.2 mi
3 Cherry Branch Neighborhood/Subdivision Havelock NC 7.2 mi
4 Evans Mill Neighborhood/Subdivision New Bern NC 9 mi
5 Star Hill North Neighborhood/Subdivision Cape Carteret NC 15.2 mi
6 Eastman Creek Neighborhood/Subdivision Beaufort NC 16.1 mi
7 River Bend Neighborhood/Subdivision New Bern NC 16.8 mi
8 Marsh Harbour Neighborhood/Subdivision Cedar Point NC 17.4 mi
9 River Reach Neighborhood/Subdivision Swansboro NC 17.5 mi
10 Deer Park Neighborhood/Subdivision Swansboro NC 18.6 mi
11 Hall Creek - North Neighborhood/Subdivision Swansboro NC 19.5 mi
12 Trailwood Neighborhood/Subdivision Hubert NC 20.8 mi
13 Carolina Estates Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 24.7 mi
14 Country Club Estates Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 26 mi
15 Carolina Forest Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 28.4 mi
16 WilliamsburgPlantation Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 30.2 mi
17 Timber Creek Neighborhood/Subdivision Jacksonville NC 30.9 mi
# Name City State Overall Rating Distance
1 Emerald Isle Emerald Isle NC 16 mi
2 New Bern High School Area New Bern NC 16.9 mi
3 Cedar Point Cedar Point NC 17.4 mi
4 Swansboro Swansboro NC 18.8 mi
5 Downtown Swansboro Swansboro NC 18.8 mi
6 Swansboro, NC Swansboro NC 19.2 mi
7 Hubert Hubert NC 22.5 mi
8 Piney green Jacksonville NC 25.5 mi
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Cherry Point MCAS 1.7 mi.
Coast Guard Fort Macon 20.3 mi.
Camp Lejeune 28.1 mi.
New River MCAS 32.5 mi.
Stone Bay 40.7 mi.
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