Randolph AFB - On and Off Base Information

Randolph AFB Housing Information

Randolph AFB Housing Information

Location: Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) is situated in San Antonio, (Bexar County), the seventh largest city and known as "Military City USA." Encompassing JBSA are Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base and Randolph Air Force Base, three separate installations. Fort Sam Houston's primary mission is medical training and support and is home to Brooke Army Medical Center. Randolph AFB is located northeast of the city and houses several headquarters including Air Education & Training Command (AETC), Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), and Air Force Headquarters Recruiting Services.

Cost of Living: The cost of living remains around 90, below the national average of 100 for major U.S. cities.



Randolph Independent School District

Currently, only students whose parents physically reside on either installation have automatic right to attend the Installation ISD schools; students whose parents are assigned to either installation, but reside off-installation, can be accepted as transfer students, but the parents must provide transportation. FSH ISD and RFISD both accept transfer waiver applications in grades K-12, Lackland ISD only accepts transfer applications for grades 9-12.

Fort Sam Houston ISD, Lackland ISD or Randolph Field ISD are not part of the Department of Defense school system, they are independent school districts subject to the jurisdiction of the Texas Education Agency.

There are 23 Independent School Districts that service military families around JBSA. For further information regarding Texas Schools and their accountability, testing or ratings, please visit the Texas Education Agency.

Please contact the School Liaison Office prior to leaving your current installation to receive our welcome packet with valuable information and resources to make your move to JBSA smooth. To contact any of the JBSA School Liaison locations, please email Lackland.slo@us.af.mil

Randolph AFB Housing:

Randolph AFB (JBSA-RND) military family housing is privatized. Hunt owns the family housing and is responsible for maintaining, repairing, constructing and managing the community. For more information view the Randolph Family Housing website or call 210-659-9061.

The Housing Management Office (HMO) is the first building on the left as you enter JBSA-Randolph via the main gate at building 144. Counselors offer referral services to on-base privatized housing and assist with locating housing accommodations in the local community. For comprehensive information about the privatized and community housing at JBSA-RND, call 210-652-1840.

Base Location

555 F. Street West
San Antonio, TX 78150

Blog Posts

When you settle in at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Randolph, Texas , you’ll quickly get a feel for why this installation goes by the name “The Showplace of the Air Force.” The base is brimming with old world charm and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. The distinctive “Taj Majal” administration building has been a notable landmark since 1931. Not far from Randolph, you’ll find a myriad of family-friendly housing communities. In popular locations like Schertz and Cibolo , life in the San Antonio suburbs is as sweet as the tea the friendly neighbors are sipping. If you’re on the hunt for a... read more

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