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Fort Carson (Ft.) Housing and Information:

Location: Located on the southwest side of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fort Carson, also known as “The Mountain Post”, is considered to be “The Best Hometown in the Army - Home of America’s Best”. Other major installations in the area include the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and NORAD , as well as Buckley Air Force Base in the Denver area. 

Cost of Living: Affordable compared to the U.S. average. For information on Basic Allowance Housing rates for the area, click here.

Base Operator: 719-526-5811 or DSN 312-691-5811; automated

Area Population: 446,439 Colorado Springs area (2014 est.); 27,781 Fountain area (2014 est.)

Schools: There are four elementary schools and one middle school on the installation. Schools fall within the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8. For information on other schools and school district information, visit the Colorado Department of Education.

Housing: On-Post: Privatized housing run by Balfour Beatty Communities, Current Housing Inventory 3,060 units, 70% are enlisted, 308 new units to be built. The waiting list for on post family housing generally runs from 6 to 18 months. It is based on number of bedrooms requirement and availability of homes, 579-1606 ext 250.

Housing Off-Post: The Housing Services Office (HSO) provides guidance and assistance to all incoming and departing personnel with all off-post housing needs 719-526-2323/2322/5219.

Single Soldier Housing Office (SSH): Soldiers should contact the installation Single Soldier Housing Office (SSH), 719-526-0570 or 719-524-0851 to obtain information regarding barracks space.

Base Location

6101 Wetzel Ave.
Fort Carson, CO 80913

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