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Oh the dreaded cold rainy day and a house full of rambunctious kids! Yesterday this happened to me. It was 40 degrees and raining all day and we needed to find a place to play indoors. I put a list together of all the possibilities and thought I'd share it with you. Below is my list of indoor activities on a rainy day in Virginia Beach/Norfolk. Play Area in MacArthur Mall. Indoor Activities in Virginia Beach / Norfolk Museums: Virginia Beach Aquarium Mariner's Museum in Newport News Children's Museum of Portsmouth Virginia Living Museum in Newport News Air and Space Museum in Hampton Art muse... read more

You’d think living in the Evergreen State, you’d be able to find a Christmas tree lot on every corner … and you’d be right! Once December hits, there are Christmas tree retailers in just about every parking lot, but if you want the true Christmas tree experience , you need to visit Hubert’s Christmas Tree Farm. From the moment you arrive you’re greeted by Christmas trees as far as the eye can see! Spend some time driving through the entire 70-acre farm. Park alongside the rustic dirt roads and get up close and personal with each of the twelve varieties of Christmas trees available. From the m... read more

As East Coast natives, one of the most difficult things to get used to while stationed in Monterey, California, was the warm winter months. It was not unusual for the temperatures to reach near 70 degrees in November, December and January while we were there. So looking for Christmas activities was a little challenging when trying to recreate the winter chill and cheery atmosphere. Luckily, a quick trip up to Gilroy Gardens provided just the Christmas feeling we were looking for. Almost an hour away in Gilroy, California, a former botanical gardens turned amusement park, is transformed into a... read more

If you’re moving to Washington, you need to know one thing. The rainy rumors are TRUE! From late October to mid-June, Washington is a pretty wet place. If you have kids, they will get stir-crazy, and you WILL need a plan to get them out of the house to run off some of that energy! Here are my Top FIVE Rainy Day Activities Around Naval Base Kitsap 1. Play Kitsap now Ahoy Kitsap Playland (Bremerton) A great choice for kids 10 and under! With four different moon bounces, a ball area, and 4 pretend play areas from grocery shopping to train stations, Play Kitsap is a great place for kids to run, p... read more

Halloween Trick or Treat at Hersheypark What is better than trick or treating at Chocolate World, Hersheypark? Pretty much nothing except for celebrating Christmas with Hershey’s hot chocolate in hand as you wander through a winter wonderland! With proximity to so many military families in the Washington D.C. area, Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a perfect overnight getaway any time of year, but particularly during the fall and winter months. The crowds are thinner and the festivities make the park extra special. Plus the park offers preview hours the night before you choose to enter... read more