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Carmel is an enchanting, scenic and quaint village that neighbors Pebble Beach most closely but also is less than 10 miles from Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove and most of Monterey. The streets are narrow and lined with unique boutiques, cafés, award winning restaurants and other small businesses. There are also a few high end shops you will recognize such as Kate Spade New York and Tiffany & Co. Ocean Avenue is one of the main streets through town and ends directly onto the beach. In my opinion, Carmel’s beach is the loveliest in the area as well as the warmest. Views of the golf courses on Peb... read more

Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Pebble Beach Area Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Monterey and Surrounding Areas Expenses We truly thought because we PCS’d from the Washington DC area we would be prepared for the cost of living increases that occurred when moving to CA. We were wrong. People told us it would be expensive and also told us the weather was crazy, and we took heed, but were still shocked by our new financial obligations and weather patterns; especially for East Coasters like us who had no experience living out west. Read living in Pacific Grove vs Monterey , while stat... read more

There are several cities near the Naval Post Graduate School, The Presidio of Monterey, and the US Coast Guard Station in which families can choose from when orders arrive (finally!) to move to Central California. Two of the most popular options are the communities of Monterey and Pacific Grove. Both are ideally located for an easy commute, have stunning scenery, and in general, have a “boy I am lucky to live here vibe.” There a few factors that should be mentioned, however, when house hunting becomes part of the process. Suggestions to Consider When PCSing to Monterey, California A. Monterey... read more

No School? Need a fun activity? Spend the day at Mount Vernon This time of year I feel like there is a copious amount of school-free days for our kids. If you are within driving distance of Washington DC, I recommend skipping the overcrowded Smithsonians and enjoying a just as educational, but far more peaceful day trip to Mount Vernon, George Washington's plantation and estate. Before you get in the car, visit Mount Vernon's website to pre-plan and make the most of the day spent there. Review the daily calendar and the upcoming events During the winter months, the crowds in the museum and ed... read more

Best Biscuit - Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Anyone with a PCS to the Charleston area in your future? Here is one more reason to be glad for those orders. Head downtown to one of the new additions on Upper King Street . Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit is a biscuit boutique, if you will. The owner, Carrie Morey, of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits opened her teeny tiny stand up counter biscuit shop last summer and the reviews are deliciously positive. My best friend and I spent just one night downtown but managed to visit the shop twice and were thrilled to make the trek from our hotel to Callie’s to in... read more