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Fort Hood is located in Killeen, Texas halfway between Waco and Austin. Fort Hood is an army base and is the largest military base in the world by area with more than 215,000 acres (that's over 300 square miles). Fort Hood Housing: Privatized housing consists of 13 villages with over 6,700 units of military housing.On post housing ranges from single houses to eight-plexes and has two to five bedrooms. There are 6,125 units for enlisted personnel and593 units for officers. Wait times for all military personnel vary from 0 to 30 days. In this video, Cameron from MilitaryTownAdvisor goes over th... read more

Are you looking for a flexible job? We have positions available Nationwide! is a PCS resource created by a military spouse in 2012 after her own tough PCS. It's a website where military families can leave reviews about where to live, recommended real estate agents, things to do, and local businesses. The website can be used to research your next military town before, during, and after your PCS. The goal is to pay it forward and help each other out! We also offer an incentive program to thank everyone for taking the time to leave reviews. is the ... read more

As more and more people start reading food labels and learning about GMO's, antibiotics, and pesticides in our food, it's not surprising that now were are starting to look at our wine. The only difference between wine labels and food labels is the FDA doesn't require wine makers to disclose the amount of additives they add to wine. The clean crafted wine movement is to educate consumers and to provide a place for consumers to buy wine they can trust. Scout and Cellar has started the 'Clean Crafted Wine' Movement Scout and Cellar and the 'clean crafted wine' movement was started by a Sarah Sha... read more

Join thousands of military families and receive our email series! Sign up for our PCS Series or Town Advice , or both! PCS Series consists of8 emailswhichfocus on PCS tips and moving advice. I'm confident this series will make your next PCS your best move, yet! Town Advice consists of emails tailored to your military town to help you explore your town. Emails consist of recommendations about local restaurants, shopping, salons, health care providers, service providers, and tons of advice about things to do! *We take your personal information very seriously and will never give it to a 3rd part... read more

Top 10 PCS Tips - What to do before moving day! This is Part 3 in our PCS Series. Moving day can be so stressful and it's best to do a lot of work ahead of time to organize your move and be ready for when the packers arrive. Below are our Top 10 PCS Tips to do before moving day! Moving Tip #1 – Take pictures of everything – Take pictures so you have documentation if something gets broken or lost in the move. Moving Tip #2 – Make an inventory of your most valuable items – Write down each item, the value, the manufacturing identification number, and take a picture of the item. Moving Tip #3 – P... read more