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PCS Tips What to do Before Moving Day

27 February 2018 by

Top 10 PCS Tips - What to do before moving day!

This is Part 3 in our PCS Series. Moving day can be so stressful and it's best to do a lot of work ahead of time to organize your move and be ready for when the packers arrive. Below are our Top 10 PCS Tips to do before moving day!

Moving Tip #1 – Take pictures of everything – Take pictures so you have documentation if something gets broken or lost in the move.


Moving Tip #2 – Make an inventory of your most valuable items – Write down each item, the value, the manufacturing identification number, and take a picture of the item.


Moving Tip #3 – Purge items you don’t need – Get rid of old items that you don’t need. Have a yard sale, give to charity, sell items on Craigslist, whatever you do, get rid of things you don’t need!


Moving Tip #4 – Scan everything to a disk or cloud – Scan all your personal documents and medical records. Make a list of companies that you need to change your address with. Scan and print 10 copies of your orders, you won’t believe how many times someone needs a copy of them.


Moving Tip #5 – Organize Everything – The more organized, the better! Put decorative items and breakables in one room for easier sorting and packing. Take artwork off the wall and tape a baggy with the screws/nails to the back of the painting. Bag all loose items, especially kitchen or desk drawers. Empty each dresser drawers into a trash bag and zip tie hangers together for easy unpacking once you get to your new home.


Moving Tip #6 – Empty anything that will smell or mold – Empty all your trash cans (yes, movers will pack trash), disconnect and drain outdoor hoses, and unhook washer and dryers a few days before the move so they can dry out.


Moving Tip #7 – Designate a DO NOT PACK area – Choose a closet, bathroom, or bedroom, and write DO NOT PACK on a poster board and tape it to the door. Put all items you don’t want packers to pack.


Moving Tip #8 – Clearly label everything - Get colored duct tape to put on boxes coordinating with each room in the house. Label an ‘Open First’ box with paper products, soap, towels, sheets, a pot and pan, and anything else you will need the first day you get there. If your stuff is going into storage, then take this box with you.


Moving Tip #9 – Get help – Ask friends and family to help you while the packers pack and on moving day. If you have small children, hire a babysitter to help watch your kids so you can watch the movers.


Moving Tip #10 – Treat movers with respect – If you want them to treat your stuff nice, then treat them with respect! Provide drinks and snacks. Providing lunch is optional, but I recommend it. Make your rounds from room to room and watch them like a hawk. Make sure they carefully navigate your big items through your house so they don’t scrape or scratch the walls. Watch them carry large items out to the moving truck and help navigate.


Good luck and stay positive!


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