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Come out of the heat and cool off at one of 6 Washington DC waterparks! 6 Washington DC Waterparks #1 The Water Mine Family Swimming Hole The Water Mine Family Swimming Hole is our family favorite! Enjoy water slides for all ages. Toddlers can have fun in the zero entry water play areas and mini slides while big kids (up to about age 12) can have a blast cruising the lazy river and shooting down big kid water slides. I LOVE that I can take my 6, 9, and almost 12 year old children to The Water Mine and everyone has fun! I also love that I can station myself in multiple areas around the water p... read more

Summer is a winding down and before we know it the leaves will be changing, we’ll be drinking hot apple cider, and the kids will be gearing up to go trick-or-treating. That’s why now is the best time to start planning fall outdoor activities in Omaha. Luckily Omaha has a ton of family friendly places to visit in the fall. So get your pen and paper and get ready to have some fun! Family Friendly Outdoor Activities in Omaha Vala’s Pumpkin Patch One word is all you need to utter in these parts: VALA’S !! Vala’s is the go-to pumpkin patch place in Omaha and is something people that PCS from here ... read more

Everyone always refers to Fort Leonard Wood as Fort Lost in the Woods , and rightfully so. Until we actually got here, I really didn’t believe all the hype. My husband had been stationed here for training a few years back and I would occasionally fly in on the weekends to visit him. I always thought it was a nice area. Maybe not a ton to do, but it was survivable. Fast forward three and a half years, and two kids later. We’re now at Fort Leonard Wood full-time. I stay home with the girls while hubs goes to work. I no longer get to fly out once the weekend is over and now I have two little one... read more

I love Colorado Springs. It’s my hometown, and in my opinion, being stationed there is amazing. You’re at the front door of the Rocky Mountains, in the state with the lowest obesity rate in the country (CBS News), with great schools and a fabulous area to raise a family. However, PCS’ing can tug on those wallet-strings, so if you’re new to the Springs, here are some ideas to get your kiddos out and about for free! Activities in Colorado Springs Tour the Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs is home to the Olympic Training center, the facilities that train our go-for-gold athletes. Where be... read more

When we first moved to Omaha, Nebraska I was 35 weeks pregnant and one of the top things on my mind was what there was to do here with kids. I’ll be honest, I knew nothing about Omaha other than they had corn and steaks, but I was pleasantly surprised that Omaha is packed full of activities and places to spend some good quality time with your family. Omaha continues to be ranked number one on multiple “Best Places to Raise your Family” lists and I can definitely see why. There are many places to get out as a family, but here are some of our favorites. Family Friendly Activitiesin Omaha 1. Oma... read more