On our second sea tour in Jacksonville I found myself alone with my two small children often. If my husband wasn't on one of his two deployments for that tour he was working every other weekend. This meant a lot of mommy and kids time. One of my favorite things to do with my kids was take them to The Jacksonville Zoo . The Jacksonville Zoo is the most parent and child friendly zoo I have ever been to. I love the wide walkways , the easy to read maps , and a variety of interesting things to do other than just look at animals in their habitats. In addition to checking out all the awesome animal... read more

Most spouses come to Keesler base to support an airman in tech school . For some, it is a short accompanied tour, and for others, it is an even shorter tour on your own dime. Whether you are here for 3 months or a full year, you may consider a furnished apartment over traditional living arrangements. It can save you time and energy since everyone hates moving. It may or may not save you money depending on your situation and moving costs. Furnished Apartments near Keesler Base A. Bay St. Louis aprox 45 min from KAFB The Waverly ,855-206-2916,1-3 bedrooms, $650-$850 (may have changed) B. Biloxi... read more

When we received our orders for The Pentagon I began to search for a place to live . Needless to say the house search was overwhelming! Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs are huge! How was one Navy wife supposed to figure this out? Luckily I had a dear friend who was able to help me out. You need a friend too and today is your lucky day because I'm introducing you to Catherine Jouet . Meet Catherine: A True Military Friendly Realtor in DC Catherine is a local realtor who used to live in Washington DC and she and her family now reside in Alexandria. Catherine is also my own real estate ... read more

The answer is yes! And the DoD agrees! New orders , new duty station , no family members nearby , it's all too familiar for military families. Every time we move to a new military town, we have to start our babysitter search all over. It's frustrating and scary to let a new person into our home and let them care for our children. About Sittercity Military Program The DoD has realized this is a huge challenge for military families and has made an official partnership with Sittercity. The DoD provides fully paid memberships, that means FREE , to military families for Army, Marine, Navy, and Air... read more

One of my favorite things to do when we were stationed at Naval Station Mayport was to enjoy a family pizza night at Al's Pizza and then some fun beach time afterwards! Al's Pizza Locations Al's Pizza has several locations in Jacksonville area, but none of them are as iconic and amazing as 303 Atlantic Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, FL! Why? Where else can you eat the most delicious pizza in beachy diner style atmosphere just yards from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean?! If you like New York style pizza you will love Al's Pizza. Every pizza is delicious; however, if you really want to indulge in ... read more