Whether you’re stationed at Keesler AFB or the Seabee Base, there doesn’t seem like much to do in the Biloxi/Gulfport area , however you don’t have to spend your weekends in New Orleans or Mobile to have a good time because there is plenty to do with your kids in the local area if you know where to look. Family Friendly Activities near Keesler Base 1. Kangarooz Family Fun Center & Monkey Joe’s If you have children ages 2-12 and they like to jump then Kangarooz in D’Iberville or Monkey Joe’s in Ocean Springs is the place for you! Kangarooz in D'Iberville has a large selection of jumping castle... read more

What's the difference between a 'military friendly' REALTORand a REALTORwho is 'friendly to the military?' I think EVERY REALTORwould classify themselves as a 'friendly to the military' REALTOR, but there is a lot more that goes into it than just saying you LOVE the military. Military families are different clients with different needs! A true military friendly REALTOR must understand the needs of a military family during their house hunting phase and understand their accelerated timeline. Click for a list of military friendly REALTORs What makes a military client different? 1. Accelerated Ti... read more

Why military pay for gym memberships? In Hampton Roads there are lots of bases in the surrounding area, but many military families live anywhere from 30 -45 minutes away from the base so using a gym base isn't always an easy solution. The decision to pay for a private gym is always a tough one. I. BASE GYMS The best thing about base gyms is they are FREE with access to cardio machines, weights, and some bases have group classes Why isn't there daycare for military families? The biggest issue I have with base gyms is the majority of them don't have childcare. I realized some bases, like Little... read more

[This is Part 1 in a series about places to live in Hampton Roads, Virginia] House hunting in the military is always stressful and the first question we ask ourselves is "Where should I live?" Whether you are stationed at Norfolk Naval Base (NOB) , Portsmouth Naval Hospital , NAS Oceana , or Portsmouth Shipyards , there are a lot of fun areas to visit while living in Hampton Roads. If you are PCSing to Hampton Roads soon, you might want to check out these different areas when house hunting. Lots of military families live near these great landmarks. Off Base Housing in Norfolk: #1 Granby Stree... read more

As a military family, we all panic when we get new orders. Where are we going to live? What area of town are we going to live in? What school district should my kids go to? And most importantly, WHERE DO I BEGIN? Neighborhood Search The best way to narrow your search is to gather information about what areas of town you would like to live near and what neighborhood fits your families lifestyle. Next, (if you have kids) you need to take into consideration which schools are best for your kids to attend. These two things are the first important factors in the house hunting phase. If you don't na... read more