[This is Part 2 in a series about places to live near in Hampton Roads, Virginia.] House hunting in the military is always stressful and the first question we ask ourselves is " Where Should I Live?" Whether you are stationed at Norfolk Naval Base (NOB), Portsmouth Naval Hospital, NAS Oceana, or Portsmouth Shipyards , there are a lot of fun areas to visit while living in Hampton Roads. If you are PCSing to Hampton Roads soon, you might want to check out these different areas when house hunting. Lots of military families live near these great landmarks. Off Base Housing near JEB Little Creek ... read more

Have you just received orders and are now faced with the "big" question of "Where do we live?" If you are headed to Naval Station Mayport, Florida and house hunting, here are some great bits of information for you. We have done two tours at NS Mayport with the helicopter community there and also detached on three different ships out of Mayport. We lived there for a total of seven years and owned two houses. I finished my last two years of college at The University of North Florida and I taught first grade in Duval County Public Schools. I have a lot of experience living in the Jacksonville/Ma... read more

When we moved to our suburban neighborhood outside of Washington DC we knew one person. I felt lucky to move to a place where I knew at least one person. At that point we had been married in the Navy for 13 years. By then you know a friend of a friend everywhere you go. Now you can know a friend of a friend , let me introduce you to my friend Wendy Joachim. Why Wendy's a True Military Friendly Realtor in DC Wendy is my friend, neighbor, fellow parent at our children's school, fellow military wife , and realtor . She has one of the warmest friendliest smiles and always makes me feel like she t... read more

Couponing is a great way to save money on groceries. Here at Keesler there is coupon groupthat meets twice a month to swap coupons . It is a great way to use all of your coupons and get tons you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. The coupons that expire before they can be used are sent to couponing groups overseas. Another huge expense is dining out and the price goes up and up once you have kids . One way to cut your cost is to take advantage of the many local restaurants that offer ' kid's eat free' deals! Kids Eat Free near Keesler AFB Mondays Salsarita’s Kids Eat Free All Day With Adult Purc... read more

On our second sea tour in Jacksonville I found myself alone with my two small children often. If my husband wasn't on one of his two deployments for that tour he was working every other weekend. This meant a lot of mommy and kids time. One of my favorite things to do with my kids was take them to The Jacksonville Zoo . The Jacksonville Zoo is the most parent and child friendly zoo I have ever been to. I love the wide walkways , the easy to read maps , and a variety of interesting things to do other than just look at animals in their habitats. In addition to checking out all the awesome animal... read more