[This is Part 1 in a series about places to live in Hampton Roads, Virginia] House hunting in the military is always stressful and the first question we ask ourselves is "Where should I live?" Whether you are stationed at Norfolk Naval Base (NOB) , Portsmouth Naval Hospital , NAS Oceana , or Portsmouth Shipyards , there are a lot of fun areas to visit while living in Hampton Roads. If you are PCSing to Hampton Roads soon, you might want to check out these different areas when house hunting. Lots of military families live near these great landmarks. Off Base Housing in Norfolk: #1 Granby Stree... read more

As a military family, we all panic when we get new orders. Where are we going to live? What area of town are we going to live in? What school district should my kids go to? And most importantly, WHERE DO I BEGIN? Neighborhood Search The best way to narrow your search is to gather information about what areas of town you would like to live near and what neighborhood fits your families lifestyle. Next, (if you have kids) you need to take into consideration which schools are best for your kids to attend. These two things are the first important factors in the house hunting phase. If you don't na... read more

Funny Name, Great Private School I had the pleasure of meeting with Tracie Thorndike, community relations, coordinator at Nansemond Suffolk Academy for coffee the other morning. We were discussing Military Town Advisor and ways to spotlightprivate schools that have great programs for military children. Well, I was blown away by how motivated and receptive she was to finding ways to help military kids. Nansemond wants to go beyond a pep rally on Veterans day, to really reaching out to the military kids. We discussed them having get together and special group meetings for parents and kids of mi... read more