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Top Gyms in Virginia Beach & Norfolk

29 December 2012 by

Why military pay for gym memberships?

In Hampton Roads there are lots of bases in the surrounding area, but many military families live anywhere from 30 -45 minutes away from the base so using a gym base isn't always an easy solution. The decision to pay for a private gym is always a tough one.


The best thing about base gyms is they are FREE with access to cardio machines, weights, and some bases have group classes

Why isn't there daycare for military families?

The biggest issue I have with base gyms is the majority of them don't have childcare. I realized some bases, like Little Creek Gym, have a 'family room' where a parent can workout with their child next to them in a glass enclosure, however I am always concerned with its cleanliness and my child always ends up crying and wanting me to play with them.  I hardly ever make it through a 30 minute workout while utilizing these rooms. These rooms would be perfect for a newborn who can stay in their car seat the whole time. The only other option I have heard of is utilizing the CDCs drop-in care, but that depends from base to base and is subject to availability for that given day. You would think the military would support family members workingout to help promote a healthy lifestyle and to reduce stress, but I guess it isn't in the military budget so we must pay to go somewhere else.  I truly believe if they supplied childcare (I would even pay per hour for it) then military families would be able to utilize the base gym facilities more often.

5 Things to consider when choosing a private gym are:



-Amenities/Extra Programs

-Frequent Class Schedules


Gyms around Hampton Roads
Gyms around Hampton Roads

II. LOCAL PRIVATE GYMS around Hampton Roads

Gyms with Childcare are:

Inlet Fitness

  • (1) Great Neck Road (Shore Drive Area)
  • (2) Red Mill Area (South NAS Oceana)

Onelife Fitness

  • (3) Norfolk- Downtown/ 21st Street Area
  • (4) Virginia Beach- Princess Anne
  • (5) Virginia Beach- VA Beach Blvd
  • (6) Chesapeake Square/Suffolk
  • (7) Chesapeake Greenbrier

Wareings Gym

  • (8)Virginia Beach Oceanfront Area

High Intensity Inteval Training Gyms 

Crossfit Little Creek

Fit36 Norfolk

Gyms with Childcare and additional amenities:

YMCA South Hampton Roads

  • (9)  Va Beach - Mount Trashmore
  • (10) Va Beach - Hilltop Shopping Center
  • (11) Va Beach - Indian River Rd
  • (12) Norfolk - Downtown
  • (13) Chesapeake - Greenbrier North/ Greenbrier
  • (14) Chesapeake - GreatBridge/Hickory
  • (15) Chesapeake - Taylor Bend Rd
  • (16) Portsmouth - Effingham Street
  • (17) Suffolk

JCC - Jewish Community Center

  • (18) Va Beach

Gyms with lower membership fees:

  • 24 hour fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Planet Fitness

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