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Military Friendly REALTORs - What's the difference?

31 December 2012 by

What's the difference between a 'military friendly' REALTOR and a REALTOR who is 'friendly to the military?'

I think EVERY REALTOR would classify themselves as a 'friendly to the military' REALTOR, but there is a lot more that goes into it than just saying you LOVE the military. Military families are different clients with different needs! A true military friendly REALTOR must understand the needs of a military family during their house hunting phase and understand their accelerated timeline.

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What makes a military client different?

1. Accelerated Timeline - Once you have new orders, the military gives a family about 7-10 days of house hunting leave. A REALTOR must understand that this leave is not paid for by the military, in reality a military family must purchase their own plane tickets, lodging and transportation during their house hunting leave. Since everything happens so quickly, military families need a REALTOR who can show them the areas of town and available homes in that 10 day window.

2. Budget is determined by BAH - Some military families can not afford to spend money over their BAH (housing allowance determined by the military), so a REALTOR needs to stay within their budget.

3. Safe Neighborhood - Since military spouses are left behind to run the household, it's imperative that the home is located in a safe neighborhood. The spouse needs to feel safe at all times during the day and night. This is more important than many features the home has to offer.

4. Good School District - Whether a family does or does not have kids, finding a home in a good school district is something to consider for a military family. Many military families rent out their homes for a few years while they are stationed at another location, then return to that home years later. At this point, school districts may play a bigger role. Also, it's well known that homes in good school districts have better resale and hold their value.

5. Good Resale or Good Rental - Military families need their homes to hold their value or they need to be in a desirable location to make it a good rental.

These are all factors that make a military client different than a civilian client.

REALTORS REMEMBER: Military families are NOT looking for their dream home!  They want a good home in a safe neighborhood with great resale! Plus they won't make you drive them around every saturday for 6 months while 'shopping' for a new home ;) !

MILITARY FAMILIES REMEMBER: Go with a REALTOR that is recommended by another military family. Many realtors may say they are 'military friendly', but do they really understand the needs of a military client.

Find Military Friendly REALTORs

Military Town Advisor
Military Town Advisor

When I started MilitaryTownAdvisor.com, I made a commitment to endorse realtors who truly understood the needs of a military client. I want realtors to work fast and hard for military families and not waste our time. The realtors I endorse will be recommended first hand from another military family.


Feel free to add any 'military friendly' realtors that you have used and recommend!

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Cameron A.

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