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Specialty Grocery Stores in Virginia Beach

9 January 2014 by

Grocery shopping is an inevitable must on everyone's to do list.  Each week is different for me and sometimes I want to make one large run to the store and be done, and then other times I want to get a few high quality meats from one store and the rest from another store. If you are like me and like to get different items from different stores, here is a list including specialty grocery stores in Virginia Beach, big box stores, and local commissaries. Hopefully this list helps you find what you need!

Specialty Grocery Stores in Virginia Beach

  • The Fresh Market - I absolutely love this grocery store! I love that it is a small independent grocery store (not a huge chain) and their meat and seafood department is amazing. They have seasoned, breaded, and marinated raw meat, so all you have to do is put it in the oven and it's delicious. Get the bourbon marinated salmon is amazing (even my kids love it). Their produce is very fresh and top quality.  The only thing I don't like about this grocery store is they don't have regular items such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners and they don't have regular branded snacks. So many times I have to make two trips to different grocery stores. Located in Virginia Beach off Laskin Rd, in Newport News off Jefferson Blvd, and in Williamsburg near William & Mary.The Fresh Market
  • Whole Foods  Whole Foods is a larger specialty chain grocery store.  One of my favorite things about Whole Foods is you can find healthy, good quality frozen items. They also have a great selection of produce and meat. (I prefer Fresh Market's meat department over Whole Foods. Whole Foods looks very impressive, but the quality was disappointing and their meats didn't taste as good to me, but just my opinion).  Located in Virginia Beach off Laskin Road.
  • Trader Joe's  Trader Joe's is known for their organic selections. They have a great selection of pre-packaged items which are great for take-home meals. They also have a great selection of inexpensive wines. Located in Virginia Beach off Laskin Road.

Regular Grocery Stores in the Hampton Roads Area

(these are listed in order of my preference)

  • Harris Teeter - This grocery store has it all, from good quality produce, meat, deli to great boxed items. You can find everything you need here, but it can be a bit pricey. (Kroger just bought Harris Teeter so I'm not sure how it will change)
  • Kroger - Great selection, great prices with good quality.
  • Farm Fresh - Good selection, good prices, good quality (quality can sometimes depend on where the store is located)
  • Food Lion - Ok selection, good prices, ok quality (I don't like some of their meat and deli selections)

Big Box Grocery Stores

  • Target  Target now has groceries, however their selection is limited and much smaller than Walmart
  • Walmart  Cheap prices, ok to poor quality (Walmart Neighborhood Market only has the grocery store section)

Grocery Stores for Bulk Items

  • Costco - Located in Norfolk off Military Highway and in Newport News off Jefferson Blvd.
  • Sam's Club - Located in Virginia Beach off Virginia Beach Blvd, in Newport News off Jefferson Blvd, and two location in Chesapeake.
  • BJs - Locations in Norfolk, Virgina Beach, Chesapeake and Hampton

Local Commissaries

Click here for a list of commissaries in the area.

  • Oceana
  • Little Creek
  • Norfolk
  • Ft Eustis
  • Portsmouth

Additional resources for the area:

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