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Things to know before moving to Ft. Meade or Annapolis Area

12 October 2017 by

Things to know before moving to Ft. Meade, Annapolis, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Ft Derrick or surrounding bases:

  • You need a realtor to help look for houses to rent or buy. The property market moves fast here. Make sure your realtor has licenses for Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Find a recommended REALTOR from other military families.
  • Find out if the house has public utilities or septic tank and well water. This can make a big difference when power goes out with a hurricane or Nor’easter storms.
  • In Maryland, HOAs are the norm for the state. Some areas may not have any fees and others can have yearly fees over $2000+. This applies to both renters and buying a home. HOA fees will most likely be included in your monthly rental fees, however it's important to  ask the question if looking to live in Maryland.
  • Check flood zones.
  • Your spouse most likely will work long hours. There aren’t as many military run social groups in this area, so join social groups outside the military, such as Junior League, MOPS, etc. Get out and meet people and you will enjoy your time better.
  • Research the different counties and the school districts in the different counties.
  • If the school boundaries are unclear or change often then you might want to take this as a sign of concern for your kids schooling or for property values.
  • There are more government contractors, retirees and reservists in the area than active duty.
  • Consider enrolling in US Family Health Care Plan for the area. You will have access to Johns Hopkins physicians. Read more.

A more diverse county with lower socio economics.

Counties in Maryland near DC and Ft Meade:

  • Montgomery County
    • Montgomery county is pretty much known for having good schools.
  • Howard County
    • The main population center of Columbia/Ellicott City was named second among Money magazine's 2010 survey of "America's Best Places to Live. Many of the most affluent communities in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area are in Howard County. Many areas of Howard County have high HOA costs and make sure the school boundaries haven’t changed when you buy a home.
  • Anne Arundel County
    • Known for good schools, however the administration has been changing a bit, so do your research and make sure the schools are still up to par.
  • Prince George County
    • Schools have been poor in the past, but administration has been changing so you may see improvement in the future. If you buy a house, you will pay state property taxes and county taxes in this county. It may seem houses are cheaper here, but consider the overall taxes and consider the schools. The county is more diverse than the other counties with a mix of nicer areas and lower socio economic areas.

For more information: Read on and off base information near Ft Meade.

Has this information been helpful? This is just one page out of our 52 page PCS Guide. The guide includs maps and descriptions of cities surrounding DC, Northern Virginia, Fort Meade, Annapolis and other surrounding areas, school information, and lots more helpful information. Click to download the PCS Guide to DC and surrounding areas.


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