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For anyone coming to Washington DC whether to visit or to live, for your next duty station, walking the monuments on the National Mall in DC is a must do activity! The National Mall is a historic place that I feel honored to be able to live near. After several trips to the National Mall in DC we have figured out what works for those of us with kids. I truly enjoy walking from George to Abe and back. The Route! We ' ve walked from George to Abe and back many times over the past year and a half. Let me clarify that I am talking about walking from The Washington Monument to The Lincoln Memorial ... read more

When we moved to our suburban neighborhood outside of Washington DC we knew one person. I felt lucky to move to a place where I knew at least one person. At that point we had been married in the Navy for 13 years. By then you know a friend of a friend everywhere you go. Now you can know a friend of a friend , let me introduce you to my friend Wendy Joachim. Why Wendy's a True Military Friendly Realtor in DC Wendy is my friend, neighbor, fellow parent at our children's school, fellow military wife , and realtor . She has one of the warmest friendliest smiles and always makes me feel like she t... read more

When we received our orders for The Pentagon I began to search for a place to live . Needless to say the house search was overwhelming! Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs are huge! How was one Navy wife supposed to figure this out? Luckily I had a dear friend who was able to help me out. You need a friend too and today is your lucky day because I'm introducing you to Catherine Jouet . Meet Catherine: A True Military Friendly Realtor in DC Catherine is a local realtor who used to live in Washington DC and she and her family now reside in Alexandria. Catherine is also my own real estate ... read more