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MilPrenuer Highlight: Homecoming Trunk Shows {now called All'asta}

15 April 2013 by

Military spouses often face the challenge of finding employment every few years after a PCS move. For some spouses, extra income or "fun money" is all they need. Sometimes stay-at-home moms enjoy having a small at-home business to earn extra income and to get out of the house for more socializing and adult time. From selling makeup and candles to cooking products and lingerie, there is a direct sales opportunity for everyone. Recently, a group of military spouses created a direct sales business called Homecoming Trunk Shows and we met with a Navy Wife who is stylist for Homecoming Trunk Shows.


In all honesty, the reason I have not checked out Homecoming Trunk Shows is because my husband is not deployed, I thought it was literally for homecomings, but it's not- it's online shopping created by military spouses!

Homecoming Trunk Shows Highlight & Giveaway


Nicole is a Navy Wife and Homecoming Trunk Shows Stylist, featuring:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Hair Accessories
  • Handbags
  • Scarves
  • Hats & more

How did you decide to start your own business? How did being a military spouse play a part in that?

I have always loved fashion and would secretly love to be a stylist! A friend of mine who was stationed with us in Japan, shared an article on Facebook about a military spouse fashion business.  I had to join!

What do you enjoy about being a MilPrenuer?

The most important thing is that I can work from home or make my business portable.  I like being here for when the kids get home from school and for all of their sports practices and games!

What are some challenges of being a MilPrenuer?

THE biggest challenge is reaching out to other than fellow military spouses as your clientele.  That is the hardest just for me since I am more comfortable with the military spouse crowd!  The second one would be the moving element.  You almost have to start over-but you can also look at it as adding new clients to your client list!

What is your advice for military spouses that want to be MilPrenuers?

It is definitely a roller coaster.  Try to stick with it, even if you just keep your business at a minimum by keeping your website open. I have been on a major down swing and contemplated closing up shop completely, but I decided to keep my website open to see what happens and go from there!  It may only take a few people to find it on Facebook, Pinterest, Google, etc..... and then you are up and running again!

What do you wish everyone knew about your business and/or being a MilPrenuer?

You can shop for great boutique fashion items 24 hours/7 days a week on my site. I do fundraisers too. Football season is coming up and I would love to do a few for some great peewee football teams.

I am always available for personalized styling advice. You can email me (nicoledowd.shophts@gmail.com) or contact me through my website and I would love to help!  That is actually my favorite part of HTS-styling.

Shop Nicole's Homecoming Trunk Show & Enter to Win, below

Shop online, host a show online or host a boutique at your house (in Texas) nicoledowd.shophts.com

Interested in becoming a Homecoming Trunk Show Stylist?

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