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Mexico's Influence in El Paso

7 May 2013 by

Merging Two Cultures in One City


One thing that has surprised me while  living in El Paso is how close we are to another country.  Mexico is across the bridge from Texas and its’ influence is seen throughout the city.

The influence of Mexico is seen through the Spanish language used along with the Mexican cuisine served in many restaurants.  It is also seen through the downtown area and many different cultural events that take place during the year.

The influence of Mexico is seen in the downtown area referred to as the Golden Horseshoe District.  It is an amazing place to visit.  The goods being sold are unique and just interesting to walk by. You see many families from Ciudad Juarez there as well, shopping and enjoying themselves.

With over 700 quality businesses selling products from all over the world, El Paso prides itself on working in a state of constant synergy in our 2 million citizens strong binational economy.

In October, you can enjoy the Indian and Spanish market.  It is such a great event to visit. At the Indian and Spanish Market, you can enjoy, Native American handcrafted jewelry, Native American dancers, Native American food and more.

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