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Dinner and Movie Theater at Cinebistro in Hampton

16 September 2013 by


Every relationship needs a good night out! Now that we have 2 small kids, we have to strategically plan our date nights. It's so tough to choose between doing something entertaining vs going to a nice restaurant vs going to a movie.  Sadly, when you have kids and a babysitter at home, you want to maximize your time together, but minimize how long it takes. Typically, we get a sitter from 6pm-11pm and at $10 an hour, that's $50 just for babysitting fees.  Recently, we have found the perfect night out which seems to mix everything we love to do into one activity! We go to Cinebistro in Hampton, VA and enjoy dinner and movie theater all-in-one.  We love to order a bottle of wine (or a martini) and eat their delicious food while watching a new release movie. Some of my favorites dinner options are their Cobb Salad, Fish and Chips or a burger. They aren't your regular eat and watch a movie type place. They serve gourmet food opposed to the bar food other places serve.

Dinner and Movie Theater All-in-One in Hampton, Virginia!

Cinebistro Hampton

How Cinebistro Works

1. Choose the new release movie you want to see and reserve your seats online ahead of time. This way you can get the perfect seat without the stress.

2. Cinebistro asks that you arrive at least 45 minutes before the movie begins. Once you arrive, you can have a drink at the bar if your movie isn't seating yet.  They even have a very nice bowling alley inside if you want to play a few games before the movie.

3. Once they open up the theater and start seating people, they recommend you order everything at once because once the movie begins they don't serve inside the theater.  They take your order and swipe your credit card, it's that easy!

If you need another martini, they ask that you step outside the movie to the serving stand and order. They say that no matter how good their service is, people still get annoyed if there are people walking around and talking during a movie, so they have chosen to not serve once the movie starts. Personally, I think it's a good idea!

4. Sit back in your over-sized chair, finish your meal, take a sip of your drink, and enjoy your movie!

My husband and I have been to Cinebistro in Hampton, VA about 5 times now and it's the perfect date night activity for us. I feel as though we get a bit of entertainment, good food, and some frosty beverages all at the same time, while still getting home at a reasonable hour.  Cinebistro is pricey but you would spend more on a separate dinner and movie tickets at a normal theater.

If this sounds too fancy for you, try Cinema Cafe which are located throughout Hampton Roads. Cinema Cafe are more kid friendly dinner and movie theater with tables and chairs and they serve food and drinks during the entire movie. It's not as upscale as Cinebistro, but sometimes it's good to spend a rainy day at the theater with the family!

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