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Areas of West Pensacola

5 October 2016 by

Do you have orders to Pensacola? If so, get excited because you are going to be surrounded by some of the prettiest beaches in Florida. Ok now stop day dreaming and get to researching your new area! Seach neighborhood reviews near NAS Pensacola. Also get to know the different areas surrounding base and what the local call these areas.

Brandy Porrata (http://www.brandyporrata.kw.com/) is an amazing REALTOR in the Pensacola area. Whether you are looking for a rental or looking to buy, give military spouse Brandy a call 850-543-3797! The information below is from her blog, Jetset Brandy Porrata-Pensacola Area REALTOR.  She has graciously shared the information with us! Let's begin by describing the areas of West Pensacola (Zip Code 32507).

West Pensacola

Perdido Key

Perdido Key is the furthest west.  “The Key,” as many locals call it, is full of condominiums and beach houses.  Gulf Islands National Seashore (aka Johnson’s Beach) is a local favorite beach and takes up a good portion of eastern Perdido Key.  


Military families get free entrance after filling out the appropriate application.  The perk of this particular state park is that there are calm waters of the Big Lagoon on the north side (great for young kids) and the waves of the gulf on the south side (good for boogie boarding).  If you are fortunate enough to own a boat, primitive camping at the tip of Johnson’s beach is an incredible experience.  Brandy states, "it's primitive ~ because there are no bathrooms or showers, but getting to feel the salty air all night under the stars with a bonfire is quite an experience."

Locals call the entire area from Perdido Key, over the bridge straight on Sorrento, to the east along Gulf Beach Hwy, to the west along Innerarity Point Rd. “Perdido.”  


Gulf Beach Hwy

Zip Code 32507 extends northward to another segment of Gulf Beach Hwy that locals call “Old Gulf Beach Hwy.”  This area has a smokehouse that houses Brother’s BBQ (that can be smelled a mile away, I swear), as well as a church Redemption Store great for bargains, and many other neighborhoods dot this area.  



Slightly east of this is an area better known as known as “Warrington.”  The Warrington area is the location where the front gate of NAS Pensacola is located.  There are many restaurants, iHOP, Jimmy Johns, and Dunkin Donuts to name a few.

Corry Station

Corry Station is just north on Highway 98 and would be a quick commute from this location, as well.

 Areas of West Pensacola

Boating in Pensacola

The whole area is boater friendly with little islands and sandbars scattered throughout the waters.  Gulf seafood restaurants are the local fare and many of the restaurants offer boat parking.  The Sunset Grille often has someone outside on their boat dock to help boaters tie off their boats to eat and Hub Stacy’s has a free boat launch.  There are many neighborhoods along Gulf Beach Highway that military choose to live in and the commute to the base is usually a breeze unless the Blue Angels are practicing.

Watch Out for Zoning

You will notice that zoning is unique in the area.  A condo can be right next to a beach house on Perdido Key and a trailer can be right next to a luxury home over the bridge on the streets along Gulf Beach Hwy.  


Homeowners Associations

The neighborhoods, particularly the neighborhoods with a strong homeowner’s association, protect the neighborhood from this unique zoning and keep up home value.  NAS Pensacola can be accessed through the back gate on the west side of 32507 and the front gate from the east.  

NAS Pensacola - Base Information

Summary of NAS Pensacola: Find where to live near base, find military housing reviews, recommended Military Friendly REALTORs, homes for sale or rent, things to do, local businesses, and much much more.

 Brandy Porrata

Read Brandy's Military Friendly REALTOR profile on MilitaryTownAdvisor.com.

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