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Tips to finding MilitaryByOwner Homes

12 October 2017 by

MilitaryByOwner is a Veteran owned company that provides a fantastic service for military families to advertise their homes for sale or homes for rent. The site has helped thousands of military families over the years. I am proud to announce that MilitaryTownAdvisor and MilitaryByOwner have partnered together to become the best one stop resource for military families during the house hunting phase.

Of the past few months, I have become very familiar with MilitaryByOwner's website and I wanted to share a couple of tips.

Tips for searching off base neighborhoods:

When searching for a home, read neighborhood reviews on MilitaryTownAdvisor.com and write down the neighborhoods and zip codes you like best. Neighbohood Reviews

Tips for searching for MilitaryByOwner Homes:

You can use these zip codes when searching on MilitaryByOwner's website. First, select your 'state' and 'base', then click 'advanced search'. Here you can put in the zip code and search MilitaryByOwner homes in that zip code.

MilitaryByOwner Homes

For example, I'm moving to Virginia Beach and lots of military friends have recommended the zip code 23455.

Step 1: Select the state 'Virginia'

Step 2: Select the base 'Norfolk Naval Station' (Hint: I like to select the largest base nearby.)

Step 3: Enter your price range and any other details

Step 3: Click on 'Advanced Search'

Step 4: Enter the zip code


There are 14 homes in this zip code.

MilitaryByOwner Homes

I hope you find this a useful tip. Happy House Hunting! Leave a comment below.


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Cameron A.

Cameron A.

Cameron is the founder of MilitaryTownAdvisor.com. She realized after a tough PCS there needed to be a place where military families can leave insider information for other military families. That's when she created the site: a place for military families to leave reviews about neighborhoods, areas of town, recommend real estate agents, things to do, local businesses and more. Follow her on Facebook or Tweet her @MilTownAdvisor

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